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HAL Dining Chair - Replica

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Regular Price: £230

Special Price with Discount: £69

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  • Red Red
  • White White
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  • Minimalist, multifunctional design
  • Comfort for home and office
  • Ergonomic, resistant material
  • 4 colours available

HAL Dining Chair - Replica

The stunning simplicity of HAL creates a brilliantly versatile chair for all kinds of settings. Jasper Morrison's take on the multifunctional shell chair is not just perfectly suited to the home; the ergonomic design ensures HAL is also an impressive choice for the office or public environments. A slightly flexible seat made of polypropylene allows a variety of sitting positions and provides excellent comfort and support.

We produce the HAL Dining Chair's resistant plastic seat in white, grey, black and red. Varnished legs of natural beech complete this beautifully minimalist piece.

Additional Information

Height 83 cm
Width 57 cm
Length 42 cm

About the Designer

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison

As a highly-accomplished industrial designer and consultant for some of the world's major manufacturers, Jasper Morrison always seeks to question whether a new product is justified. Tiring of design that merely grabs attention without making a difference to our lives, the British designer celebrated normality with Naoto Fukasawa through the 2006 exhibition 'Super Normal'. The exhibition brought together 'super normal' everyday products that are “the things that add something to the atmosphere of our homes and that we'd miss the most if they disappeared”. This is a guiding principle of his own work.

Born in London in 1959, Morrison achieved a Bachelor of Design from Kingston Polytechnic Design School followed by a Master's degree in Design at the royal College of arts in London. He also received a scholarship to study at the Berlin University of Arts and was later invited to exhibit at the city's Cultural City of Europe programme, where he showed “Some new items for the house, part I” at the DAAD Gallery.

His office won the contract to design the new Hannover Tram in 1995; the first vehicle was awarded the IF Transportation Design Prize and the Ecology award. More recently he has designed furniture for the Tate Modern in London and enjoys collaborations with a number of household brand names.