About Us

World’s most famous designs for fraction of the price

JUST Design is one of Europe’s largest online retailers of custom made replica, high quality reproductions of the world’s top designer furniture at affordable prices. These iconic pieces of the 20thcentury carry the spirit and innovation of an era, marked by great number of cultural firsts.  The first space travel, the disco, the first color TV are just a few of the inspirations embedded in the forms and shapes of these timeless design pieces.  We believe that great design should be accessible for everyone, and instead of dusting in the museums, JUST Design brings you top quality reproductions of the most popular designs for fraction of the price.

Top quality and plenty of choice

JUST Design offers over 450 of the most popular design classics, available in over 5000 variations of materials, colours and sizes.  Delivering all across Europe, our handmade and custom-built pieces undergo strict quality control and inspection during and after production.  Our carefully curated network of suppliers delivers and works with only the highest standards of materials.  This is why JUST Design provides all products with a full five-year warranty ensuring high quality, and intricate precision in the smallest of design details.  Why are our prices so affordable? Because we cut out the middleman, the importers’ fees, the wholesalers’ commission, the shop rents, passing all these savings onto you!

Dedicated international team

JUST Design’s young and highly qualified team is united by their dedication to the diverse customer needs and constant improvement of the existing services.  Ambitious and forward thinking, our international team is the driving wheel behind JUST Design’s success and stable growth of our loyal customer base.  With enthusiasm and honesty our team is committed to make your online experience as smooth and as personal as we can.

Our promise and commitment to you

Our energy and obligation are solely focused on enhancing our existing online shop and providing the best customer experience and service.  We are continuously scouting for new classic design furniture and accessories and are planning to increase our spectrum of items, incorporating new materials and tapping into new markets.